10 Striking Book Illustrations


It all started when I stumbled upon their illustrations for The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I couldn’t resist rummaging more about the person behind this artwork and then I found out that it was not one person but two: the Balbusso twins!

Anna and Elena Balbusso are two sisters  living and working together in Milan, whose work is internationally recognized and awarded. At their website you can find a lot of magnificent illustrations inspired by books and fiction.

People do say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but an exception is justified here. Besides, what’s better than a great book accompanied with great illustrations?

balbusso_coverhandThe Handmaid’s Tale

balbusso_language_artsLanguage arts

03balbusso_fireEugene Onegin

Thanatos Beach by James Morrow | Tor.comThe Too-Clever Fox

balbusso_knife_2Little Knife

balbusso_tableLe Horla

balbusso_qos_design_coverThe Queen of Spades and Other Stories

balbusso_burningBurning Girls

balbusso_mv_coverThe Antonio’s thoughts


Hope you liked them,

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