A Scandal in Bohemia by Peter Kopl

When I first head of Petr Kopl’s ¬†adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” it caught my attention not so much because I am both a Sherlock and a graphic novel fan but because of the cartoony but smart artwork on the cover.¬†Although the title is “A Scandal in Bohemia,” it also tells the story of the speckled band not as a separate story but interwoven as one. Sherlock works on both cases simultaneously which works so perfectly. Kopl has remained faithful to the original stories except for some cameos of unforgettable literary characters whose names I will not mention as as not to spoil the fun for you.

Kopl has also taken some liberty to put some humor a la Mad Magazine that at first it made me feel like he was making a parody of the beloved detective but in the end, I could see he was every bit a Sherlock fan who is just having fun without being disrespectful.

“A Scandal in Bohemia” is a a fun read as well as a visual delight with its colorful editorial cartoon-like drawings. Each panel is so beautifully illustrated.

For a bit of trivia, Kopl is a Czech who did the original version in his own language. His loving work was voted comic book of the year in 2013 in his country which I might say is one of the loveliest countries I had the privilege of visiting.

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