Dirt Candy by Amanda Cohen and Ryan Dunlavey

I don’t cook but as soon as I heard about Amanda Cohen & Ryan Dunlavey’s cookbook in graphic novel format, I placed an order (sorry for the horrendous pun) for “Dirt Candy.” As I was coming from devouring the Oishinbo series (also¬†featured on LitTherapy), I was hungry for more culinary graphic novels. (No, I won’t apologize anymore for the puns as it won’t be sincere; I’m actually enjoying it!)

Like I said, “Dirt Candy” is a cookbook in graphic novel format with stories (funny ones too that include a stint on “Iron Chef”) set in New York. Not only does it teach us how to cook vegetarian dishes, it opens our mind to the reality of opening and running a restaurant. Funny, entertaining, informative, instructional and even educational, “Dirt Candy” leaves a wonderful aftertaste even if it’s vegan…


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