Dracula (Graphic Novel) by Michael Mucci and Bill Halliar

I am not much into horror because I want to be able to sleep at night but I thought, “Surely a graphic novel can’t make me want to keep the lights on at night?” Well, I’m glad it didn’t although I felt some chill and even sadness with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” I have never read the original text nor did I watch Winona Ryder’s film. My brushes with the count was purely from comedy films, cartoons and History Channel’s “Most Evil Men in History.” Actually, it was because of that documentary on Vlad the Impaler that sparked my curiosity about the story that inspired it. And then I came across Ben Caldwell’s take. Although cartoony in appearance with its manga-like art, the adaptation still paid proper respect to the classic. Caldwell’s drawings almost seemed cinematic that if ever Hollywood wants to do an serious animated version, this is it!

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