Drops of God by Tadashi Agi

“Drops of God” is about the under-achieving son of the most famous wine critic in Japan. The son, by the way, does not drink wine and works at a beer company as aprotest to his estranged father. But when the older man dies, he leaves his vast wine collection to his son, provided he finds all 13 wines called The Twelve Apostles and the Drops of God in a competition against his just-revealed adopted brother who happens to be a very famous wine critic himself.

Obviously, “Drops of God” is a delight to wine lovers out there as well as people like me whose hardest drink is a soft drink as we are introduced to the world where smelling something before consumption is a form of art and talking about its history is supposed to make the experience sweeter. Sure, some of the names and terms will fly over our head but we get to learn a thing or two with its entertaining drama with some slight comedy. Cheers!

– Elizabeth

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