Green Manor by Fabien Vehlmann

What is better than one murder mystery graphic novel? A graphic collection of short murder mysteries! And that is what Denis Bodart and Fabien Vehlmann accomplished with ease and confidence in the “Green Manor” series.

When I bought “Green Manor,” I was simply taken in by its cover of a dark, sinister Victorian England, a period which produced the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells. I did not have much hope for the story per se given that original graphic stories of today are, well, too graphic. There’s more gore than good in the story which was why I was pleasantly surprised with “Green Manor.” The unfolding, the twists and even the wit were Victorian classic in their treatment. Truly, the best murder mysteries are those that use logic (or misuse logic for evil) than just relying on in-your-face shock value pseudo-mysteries that is prevalent these days.


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