Harukana Machi-E (A Distant Neighborhood) by Jiro Taniguchi

Traveling through time to correct the past is one theme that has been done over and over and yet we still lap it up. Who hasn’t wished they could go back in time and redo some things knowing what they know now? “A Distant Neighborhood” (Harukana Machi-E) by Jiro Taniguchi deals with the same thing. But unlike other time traveling stories that are usually science fiction in nature, “A Distant…” is a family drama.

Forty-eight year old Hiroshi Nakahara boards the train to visit his mom’s grave but finds himself back in time when he was fourteen, his mom alive and his dad still with them. As much as Hiroshi wants to return to his own time, he spends it trying to stop his father from abandoning them. He also tries to be faithful to his wife although technically he’s single and not old enough to have a driver’s license. Does he succeed in both counts?

– Elizabeth

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