Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City by Guy Delisle

As a Christian, I’m riveted about anything that concerns Israel including her volatile politics. And it is because of this that Guy Delisle’s “Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City” caught my attention. Israel + graphic novel + cartoonish drawings = 100% of my attention.

“Jerusalem” is Delisle’s illustrated memoir during his one-year stay in Israel. He goes around trying to live normally the way he knows it and the way Israel knows it in which most of the time jolts Delisle’s schedule.

Is it political? The chronicler refrains from taking sides but simply presents a “common sense” reasoning and reaction to political decisions being made that immediately affect the private individual who just wants to get through traffic and look for a playground for his kids.

At a little over 300 pages long, “Jerusalem” has got to be the thickest graphic novel in my collection and yet it wasn’t long enough. I wanted more scenes and stories behind the headlines for it was fascinating to see how people reacted (or did not react) to the events that were happening around them and reported around the world with urgency. Some of them have gotten used to going through daily living amidst rifle-carrying joggers and bombed ruins.

It took me three nights to finish “Jerusalem” if only I didn’t want it to end and now I’m on the prowl for more of his memoirs.

– Elizabeth

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