The Adventures of Blanche by Rick Geary

When I first saw the graphic novel, “That Adventures of Blanche,”¬†I went, “Who’s Blanche?” The only Blanches I know are from “The Golden Girls” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” but judging from the period cover, I’m not even close. So I read the blurb and still my question was left unanswered until I started reading the story.

Blanche is the author’s grandmother who “once had a career as a renowned concert pianist touring the world and having many adventures.” When pushed for more details, his grandmother refused to answer, “dismissing it all as boring…(as) she preferred to live in the now.” But she gave her teenage grandson her stuff of memories when he expressed a desire in compiling their family history. However, it was only after her death and many years later that an adult Geary pored over her tangible legacy which inspired him to write the historical fiction.

I admit that when I first read the graphic novel, I forgot the word that came after “historical.” So my eyebrows kept raising and raising as the story progressed. So I scrolled¬†back to the first pages and the blurb to remind me that no matter how exciting Blanche’s life was, her grandson’s imagination took over for a very fun read and wonderful tribute to his an amazing woman.

– Elizabeth

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