The Doppleganger Chronicles by G.P. Taylor

My taste in graphic novels can run the gamut from Literature with a capital “L” like “Great Expectations” and “Don Quixote” to Nancy Drew to downright guilty pleasures like “CSI” but seldom Young Adult (YA). This is why when I first saw G.P. Taylor’s first installment of “The Doppleganger Chronicles,” I ignored it but because I was killing time, I picked it up and was immediately taken in by its design and layout. It was a combination of text novel, sophisticated children’s illustrated book and comic book that I had never seen before. If only for this reason, I bought it with no expectation from the story line. However, as I am the OC book type that I have to read all my book purchases, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it that I couldn’t wait to complete the entire series.

“Doppleganger” is about a set of twins growing up in an orphanage and forced to be separated because the foster parent only wants one. However, life for the adopted is no happier than the one left behind as each one has to face menace until they can be reunited—if they can.

“Doppleganger” reminds me of C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia” with its biblical overtones without being preachy. I had to chuckle seeing a representation of Jesus Christ in a pinstripe suit. Oops, did I just spoil it for you?


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