The Wizard of Oz (Graphic Novel) by Eric Shanower

When I first saw Marvel Classics’ “The Wizard of Oz,” I was attracted to its illustration but because the 1939 classic movie did not make a fan out of me, I chose to ignore it. But then I kept seeing it whenever I would pop into a book store. By seeing it, I mean, it kept leaping into my view until I found myself at the cashier’s counter paying for it. It took me some time to read it as it was way below in my reading priority list. When I lifted the cover, it was like that homework feeling but a few pages later, I could not put it down. Already drawn in by the artwork that should have spawned a toy collectible industry, I had more than a feeling that this was no Judy Garland movie (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It was better than the movie which should be as this was the real L. Frank Baum story. I now fully understand why it still enthralls more than 100 years later. Marvel Classics’ take is a marvelous work that should make it a classic on its own.
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