Yotsubato! by Kiyohiko Azuma

If ever you’re so tired and stressed out from what life is throwing at you, pick up a copy of “Yotsuba to!” by Kiyohiko Azuma or go through its free online version and you’d feel like gathering a bunch of sunflowers yourself as well.

“Yotsuba to!” is about an adopted green-haired orphan girl who although is probably at least five or six years old, seems to be such a baby when it comes to discovering the world around her like the doorbell and the wind. It is as if it’s the first time she’s seeing them that I almost expected a plot twist that she’s an alien. So far in the series, she’s not.

“Yotsuba to!” is labeled as a comedy and slice of life manga. It kind of reminds me of that 90s TV show, “Seinfeld” where nothing happens because it’s a show about nothing. Yotsuba is like an amalgamation of all the Seinfeld characters including Kramer as she goes about discovering the rain and the air-conditioner. She’s not Forrest Gump, mind you, as she knows a lot about global warming….

“Yotsuba to!” captures the essence of a true manga where the unexpected happens which might include a lot of nothing and that is where the entertainment comes. It makes you smile, laugh, and take a breather from all our worldly knowledge and sophistication.

– Elizabeth

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