“In the beginning was nothing…”

Métaphysique des Tubes



« Métaphysique des tubes » (“The Character of Rain” in english) is a short novel by Amélie Nothomb about her 3 first years of life. The story takes place in Japan where Amélie’s father works as a consul. The Japanese believe that until the age of three children, whether Japanese or not, are gods, each one an okosama, or “lord child.” On their third birthday they fall from grace and join the rest of the human race.


You must think: her 3 first years of life? How could she even remember? To tell the truth, this novel is not quite what we would call a autobiography as she actually cannot remember this part of her life but she built her character, this representation of her at this age, according to her own personality: without a doubt, she is totally nuts, off-the-wall crazy. She has a surprising and funny narrative style and a great taste for words, weird metaphors and dry humour. This book shows the development of the child as a human being and the rise of ego and I would especially recommend it for people that are facing deep questions about personal development and self-consciousness.


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